Best Camping Generators with Reviews

Best Camping Generators Reviews: Camping is one of the most popular pass-time for most of us, it is fun and exciting. Every other person who loves to pack their bags very often and take a break from their monotonous life has gone camping at least once. To go camping, one needs to take some camping-essentials with them like, a camping generator. When you carry a camping generator with you, especially during winter season or when you go camping in the mountains, you will realize how priceless it is. Before purchasing the Best Camping Generator, you must do a thorough research and go through the Camping generators reviews and then but the one that suits you the most.

The Need for Camping Generators

Short camping trips or road trips on weekends can be really difficult without proper power back up. Having a camping generator with you can make it a lot more easier. If you have been to a camping, you should surely know that one of the essential items that you must have with you is a camping generator. Here are some of the things that camping generators can make easy for you while camping:

Power isn’t a problem anymore: While travelling alone you may end up in such a location where you might not find electricity nearby. But if you carry a camping generator with you, it can surely help you getting the power back up that you need. Irrespective of what your location is, you can easily charge your battery and get going once again and since this type of generator can even charge a bike, boat or a car, you should never forget to carry a camping generator ever while travelling alone.

Light up the camp-site: While camping alone, having power backup for your Smartphone or laptop isn’t enough. You need to have lights in your camp site. This will not only ensure that you have a nice camping experience but also will keep you safe from the animals that might be around in the jungle. Try to use the generator while you are cooking or cleaning up,.

Play music: Who does not love to listen to music? And when you are out there alone at your camping site, nothing can be better than listening to the music. You will be able power up your speakers and enjoy the music while you eat your food or clean your camp site.

Experience a luxurious camping: Camping in a remote location might not be luxurious but if you have a camping generator with you, it can certainly make your camping experience a better and luxurious one.

Understanding your Needs for a Camping Generator

When you are ready to buy a camping generator, you must get one that fulfills the demands you have from the camping generator. By understanding your needs of a camping generator, you can choose a generator that can meet your requirements. Here is a list of the things you should understand before you buy one:

Wattage: The two measurements of power for generators are- starting watt and running watts. The starting wattage gives an idea of how many appliances you can run at the beginning and the running wattage will tell you the number of appliances you can run while the generator is having a normal load. You need to do some research and according to your need choose a generator that will meet your requirement of power supply. Unless a particular generator is capable of meeting your requirement it’s not going to be efficient enough. Also, make sure to check the run time of the generators and the fuel limit for maximum run time as well. All these information can surely play an important role for you to understand you requirement and then only you will be able to choose a particular generator.

Usage: You need to understand what you are going to use the camping generator for, depending on that you need to choose your generator and its features:

Recreation: For recreational use, an inverter generator might be the best solution as the Low noise generators for camping are good enough to produce required power supply for sufficient time and most of them will produce safe electricity as well.

Jobsite: Portable generators are ideal for this purpose as they are mobile and also supplies sufficient power for a number of tools. Generators with sufficient running and starting watt will deliver enough power to meet all your needs at a job site but make sure you calculate the kind of wattage you need and then only choose one particular generator.

Emergency needs: If your primary requirement is to buy a camping generator for providing emergency power supply during storms or power-cuts, you can purchase a stand-by generator with sufficient wattage and running-time as per your requirements.

Things to Consider while Buying a Generator for Camping

After you have finally decided to buy a camping generator, you need to consider a few things before you choose the Best portable generator for camping. There can be several considerations that you must keep in mind such as the noise level, fuel used, amount of fuel required, wattage, etc. Here is a list of the few things you must consider while buying a generator for camping:

Type of fuel used: The most common fuel used for running a camping generator is gasoline or diesel. Many generators run on propane also, which burns cleaner and yet faster than gasoline or diesel. The fact that propane burns two times faster than diesel or gasoline and also is quite expensive, so buying a propane generator might not be a good idea if you wish to run your generator for longer hours.

Power required: Before you choose a camping generator for yourself, you must consider the amount of power you need. Most of your needs can be fulfilled with a 1000-1500-watt generator and if you have multiple small appliances to power up get yourself a 2000-3000-watt generator that would deliver enough power for the entire camping trip.

Noise level: When you purchase a camping generator, you must consider the amount of sound it makes while in operation. When you go camping to certain parks or campgrounds, they might have a specific decibel-level limit set, which must not be exceeded. Get yourself one of the Low noise generators for camping that would not exceed the sound levels set by the authority.

Warranty period: Most of the camping generators from reputed manufacturers come with a warranty period that covers recreational, domestic and camping uses. The warranty period can differ from one manufacturer to another and can range from one to four years or more.

Price: While buying a camping generator, you must think about the amount of money you are going to spend after it. Certain Chinese manufactured generators come with cheap price that also deliver sufficient utility and offer a good warranty period of one year or more to the consumer. Such generators can be a good choice when it is being purchased for infrequent usage like occasional camping trips. The cheap camping generators will not have advanced features like the branded ones and certainly may not meet the noise level requirement. Purchasing a bit high-priced product from a reputed manufacturer will offer good service for frequent uses and will also come with a long-warranty period.

Here are the 10 Best Camping Generator with Reviews

Before you purchase a camping generator you need to consider a few things like mentioned above and also go through the Camping generators reviews to know more about the experiences of the users and the features each of them off. Here is a list of the Best Camping Generators for you:

1. Honda EU2200i 2200-watt:

This Quiet camping generator is a high-quality portable camping generator that delivers 10 times more power than most other models from Honda. Use this generator for work, home or recreational purposes easily without worrying about its run-time, which is great. The generator delivers great power, performance and is also easy to use. It requires low maintenance, which makes it one of the best choices for the ones who look for a powerful yet Quiet camping generator.


  • Can power up a wide range of appliances and delivers great power.
  • Operates at 48-57 dBa, which makes it the Quietest generator for Camping.
  • Can be used with another EU22001 to produce double amount of power at the same time.
  • The Eco-throttle system allows great fuel efficiency.
  • Can run for 9.6 hours straight on a single tank.
  • Stable, lightweight and portable.


  • Additional 200 watts of power is impressive.
  • Great performance and worth the price.
  • Very low noise levels.


  • The plug for 30Amp service needs an adapter to use it with the RV shore line cable.
  • Does not have a gas cut-off switch.

2. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt:

This is one of the best and the safest camping generators in the market today. It prevents voltage drops and runs smoothly while delivering 2000 watt of maximum power. It is a very safe generator for running important gadgets like laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other valuable gadgets. Noise generated from the generator is quite low and the performance level is really high.


  • Operates at 51 decibels of sound.
  • Operates safely by producing clean power, preventing any damage to the important electronics gadgets.
  • Produces a maximum of 2000 watt of power.
  • High performance in camp-grounds, tailgates and more.
  • Comes with one 12V DC output, one 5V USB port, and two three-prong 120V output.


  • Can easily power up various appliances at the same time.
  • Easy-to-operate.


  • Oil needs to be changed in every 25 hours.
  • Durability is an issue for many users.

3. Generac 7117 GP2200i:

This camping generator provides a great portable power solution and is best suited for outdoor usage. You can make your camping experience smooth and luxurious with this camping generator for sure. It operates quietly, which makes it even better to use it on any camp-site. You can also use two units together for more power supply at the same time.


  • Operates quietly and is easy to use.
  • Can generate maximum of 2000 watts.
  • Delivers clean and stable power that works great for sensitive electronics.
  • Enhanced mobility with the built-in handle.
  • LED light indicator for low-oil, power, and overload.
  • Allows connecting of 2 inverters together for the double amount of power supply.


  • High power for running fridges, fans, refrigerators and more.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Comes with an eco switch for running at low power.


  • Ethanol gas gums up the carburettor if it sits in the system for long.
  • Users have reported having issues with running two units parallel.

4. Westinghouse iGen2200:

This high-quality portable generator generates reliable power for a number of uses. Being one of the Quietest generator for Camping, the iGen2200 delivers great power wherever required. It can also run in parallel with another unit using the Westinghouse Parallel Cord. This camping generator can run for a very long time to fulfil your power back up needs efficiently.


  • Light weight and compact.
  • Operates quietly which makes it best for recreational uses.
  • Clean and stable power supply for sensitive electronics.
  • Delivers a maximum power of 2200 watts.
  • Fuel efficient; Runs for 12 hours on 1.2-gallon gas tank.


  • Operates really quietly.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Extremely fuel efficient.


  • Unfortunately if you are looking for a durable camping generator, this one is not for you.
  • Customer service from the manufacturer is not also that satisfactory according to some customer.

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5. Yamaha EF2400iSHC:

This camping generator has one of the best durability ratings. The advanced use of technology in this unit like the gasoline pet-lock allows easy shutting off the gas, which prevents the gas from causing damage to the generator. It provides high power and comes with some really amazing features.


  • Delivers clean and stable power supply.
  • Gasoline pet-lock allows cleaning the oil from the tank to prevent engine damage.
  • Easily portable and operates quietly.
  • Runs most of the 13,500 Btu RV air conditioners, ovens, and similar big appliances.
  • Long engine life provided by cast iron cylinder liner.


  • Great power supply.
  • Fuel shut off switch enhances easy control.
  • Quality fittings with cast iron cylinder liner for enhanced durability.


  • The generator is a bit pricy.
  • It is quite heavy as compared to other portable generators.

6. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready:

This camping generator delivers great power that will make your camping experience memorable. This 192cc generator is capable of running on propane or gasoline and operates very quietly that makes it one of the Best portable generator for camping. You can also increase its power with a parallel kit that you can purchase along with it.


  • Comes with a safety fuel selector switch.
  • Has a gasoline fuel tank with a capacity of 6 gallons of fuel.
  • U-shaped folding handle enhances the portability.
  • Can run for 8 hours with a full tank.
  • Dual fuel operations enable this generator to run on gasoline and propane, both.


  • Runs smoothly and quietly.
  • Filling the oil tank is easy and draining the oil is also easy by unclamping the hose that is attached to the tank.


  • The run-time is an issue as faced by most users.
  • It is quite heavy which can be a turn off for many users.

7. Generac 7117 GP2200i 2200 Watt:

This camping generator is a great companion for outdoor events like camping. It has compact design and it’s not that heavy which make it easy to transport. Enhances your camp-site experience or tailgating experience with ease. It provides great performance which can be doubled with the use of two units together.


  • Operates quietly and easy to use.
  • Maximum output is of 2200 watt.
  • Produces clean and stable power preventing sensitive gadgets from getting damaged.
  • Reduced noise with the economy mode.
  • LED lights indicate low oil level, overload, and power level.
  • Double power can be produced with the parallel kit that is sold separately.


  • Compact and light weight.
  • Quite
  • Easy to start and use.


  • Might fail to start big appliances like refrigerators on Eco Mode.
  • Turning off Eco Mode for big electronics will lead to more consumption of gas.

8. Westinghouse iGen1200:

This is one small, compact and easily portable camping generator that can be used for supplying safe electricity at camp-site and remote locations where you can’t find any power. This generator is lightweight that enhances its mobility and it also comes with an in-built handle to make it easy to carry.


  • Operates quietly.
  • Light-weight and compact.
  • Produces clean and safe power for preventing damage of your sensitive gadgets.
  • Delivers maximum fuel efficient with the Efficiency Mode.
  • Runs for 10 hours at 25% load.


  • Easy to use.
  • Operates really quietly and starts quickly.
  • Great power and fuel efficiency at a reasonable price.


  • The customer care service is not as great as reported by many users.
  • Users have reported of the generator having poor durability.

9. Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000:

This camping generator will make your camping experience luxurious by delivering high performance and great power back up. This generator is best suited for tailgating, camping and also DIY projects at home. It is lightweight and does not generate much noise and is highly portable due to the design.


  • Delivers a run-time of 10 hours at 25% load.
  • LCD screen display the performance and maintenance alerts.
  • Luggage-style telescoping handle and 6” wheels make it easy to transport it to different locations.
  • Parallel connector port allows connecting 2 of these generators to produce more power at the same time.


  • Easy to use and transport.
  • Good fuel efficiency.
  • The LCD display is impressive.


  • Users have reported of the noise it makes which is not as low as advertised.
  • Can damage big electronics like refrigerators due to the insufficient power supply.

10. Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready:

This camping generator is portable and designed for delivering safe and clean power supply which makes it one of the Best Camping Generators available in the market today. It comes with a durable steel frame that takes care of the electronics connected with the generator. This generator is reliable and comes with a warranty of three-years.


  • Comes with a low oil shut-off sensor for increased safety.
  • Delivers power of 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts that makes it powerful and reliable.
  • Produces a noise level of 68 dBa.
  • Volt guard prevents overloads and keeps the sensitive equipments safe from getting damaged due to voltage spikes.


  • Great performance.
  • Great power supply for the similar price range.


  • A little too noisy as compared to the other similar range of generators.

Maintaining and Caring For your Camping Generator

When you purchase a camping generator you must have enough knowledge about its maintenance to make it last longer and serve your purposes efficiently. Regular and proper maintenance is very important, which is why there are a few steps that you need to follow to maintain and take care of the portable generators:

Change oil from time to time: The generators need their first oil changed, after thirty hours of usage. After that, the oil must be changed after every hundred uses. When you are going for a long camping trip or so, where you might require the generator to run for quite some days, make sure you have enough oil filters, gas and stocked oil for it to run efficiently.

Drain out the fuel when not being used: If the fuel system stores lot of fuel even when the generator is not working for a long time, it tends to form gum deposits that must be prevented by draining the fuel when the camping generator is not being used. The acid formation can be caused during storage when alcohol-blended fuel is used in the generators. The acidic gas formed can also cause damage to the fuel system when stored for a very long period of time.

Follow these steps to avoid damaging the engine, before storing the fuel in the system for more than thirty days:

  • make sure to go through the manual that comes with the generator. Use a gasoline stabilizer to the fuel and run the generator for about 15 minutes.
  • When the engine cools down, remove the gasoline from the fuel tank and use a non-conductive vacuum siphon.
  • Start the engine and run it to ensure that all the fuel is being used up. Let the generator run until it stops by itself from lack of fuel in the system.

Keep the battery charged: Many generators have an electric start option, in such cases, the battery of the generator must be fully charged before every use.

Start it at least once in 30 days: You must start your portable generator once in every thirty days as that will help in keeping the internal parts of the machine lubricated, which will make sure the generator has a longer period of life-time.


Keeping in mind all the things mentioned above, you can be confident about the camping generator that you are buying. The Camping generators reviews will help you to understand the performance of the different camping generators and make it easier for you to purchase the Best Camping Generator that will match for your needs. Once you have found out what you need and how to maintain it, go and purchase the camping generator right away.