8 Best Electric Staple Guns

Electric Staple Guns are basically used for driving heavy metal staples into plastic, wood or other objects. There are different types of staple guns depending on the power sources they use like electric staple sun, pneumatic staple guns, and manual staple guns. In this article, we will discuss the use of electric staple guns and everything that you must know about them in order to purchase the best electric staple gun for making your projects easier. With the top electric staple gun reviews mentioned here, it will be easier for you to shortlist and choose the best-suited tool for your needs.

Best Electric Staple Guns

What is a Staple Gun?

A staple gun is a hand-held machine that is used for stapling woods, plastic or other such objects in less time. They can be used for multiple tasks that include roofing, carpeting, upholstery, insulation and more. There are usually three types of staple guns in the market today namely, electric, manual and pneumatic staple guns. An electric staple gun is considered to be the most popular among the different types of staple guns available in the market because of its advantages over the others like less noise and less fatigue while working with it.

Why Use an Electric Staple Gun?

There are several reasons as to why you should use an electric staple gun, the most important reason being that it makes the whole task of stapling easier and helps one in achieving success in various projects very easily. The staple guns are put to use in various applications like upholstery and other repairing projects. It saves time, effort and delivers more reliable results faster. Once you purchase the best electric staple gun for yourself, you can make use of it in multiple projects like:

Carpeting: This job is made easier with the use of an electric staple gun as it will help the user in stapling the carpets to the floor and walls easily without putting in much effort or spending a lot of time on it. The electric gun uses much more power than a manual tool and does not damage the wall or the floors where it is being stapled, the small holes that it makes can be fixed easily too.

Upholstery: For upholstering, there is no better tool to use than a staple gun and electric staple guns are the best of the lot. These tools let an individual stitch the fabric near the furniture and staple it with the gun, which makes the work easier and faster. It does not damage either the fabric or the furniture.

Gardening tasks: There are various projects at home, shops, and gardens too that you can use the electric staple gun for. In gardening projects, you can use it for purposes like stapling wooden panels to support the flowers and the plants or for providing the plants a place to grow and much more. Purchase the best electric staple gun and use it for multiple projects by replacing the nails and hammer for the same.

Carpentry projects: Another important utility amongst the several applications of electric staple guns are the carpentry jobs. The tool can help in carpentry projects where you might require stapling certain fabrics to furniture or staple wooden panels to various objects, floor or walls. This job is similar to carpeting and it can help in fastening fabrics to any item that the user wants.

Decoration projects: The electric staple gun can also be used for innovative and exciting projects, including home decor. You can easily staple things to the walls, trees or fabrics to decorate your house, lawn or roof and more for a party in very less time.

Construction projects: Certain construction projects also require the use of an electric staple gun. Projects can vary from minor projects like building a shelf or a wooden box or a birdhouse to large-scale construction projects where the user can fasten the wooden panels to the walls, trees or other objects and construct their desired item with it.

Fastening projects: The basic requirement of a staple gun is to fasten two materials together or one end of a material to another. Thus, an electric staple gun does the job of fastening most soft and hard materials together as per the requirements of the user depending upon the recommended usage of the specific electric staple gun. There are small projects that can consist of carpeting, weather stripping, ceiling tiles and more while there are larger projects too where high power electric staple guns along with many other tools can be used to do the job.

How do Electric Staple Guns Work?

As the name suggests, the electric staple guns require electricity for their power supply. They can get electricity through batteries or a direct electric outlet. These guns have a motor inside it that moves a scooper plate when the trigger gets pulled. The gun also has an axle, a metal groove, and a triangular cam, all of which work together to staple the desired item in the desired place. These parts also come with a locking mechanism that is used in preventing the staple gun from firing shots unintentionally and causing accidents or damages. Many other innovative technologies are used by different manufacturers in the manufacturing of the tool that would offer more features.

Upsides and Downsides of Using an Electric Staple Gun

Nothing in this world comes with all benefits. These guns are no exceptions. Just as using these guns have many advantages, there are disadvantages too.

The most important upside of using an electric staple gun is that it does not require much effort from the user to staple hard and soft materials onto the desired objects firmly with a nail or staple and the entire task can be done with a simple press. An electric staple gun is compact and portable, especially when it can be powered with the use of a battery; you can carry it everywhere you want to and use it as per your requirements. Electric staple guns are also much safer and cause lesser injuries than pneumatic guns and manual staple guns. Electric guns work great by applying the right amount of force on soft, thin and fragile materials, unlike the pneumatic guns which would be too harsh for such materials.

The downsides of using an electric staple gun are that there are high chances of it getting damaged or not performing as expected, consistently. They can also lead to high electricity bills, unknowingly, when used a lot for stapling thick and hard materials.

Things That you Should Consider while Buying an Electric Staple Gun

Before you think that you have found the best electric staple gun for yourself, make sure that you have considered the important things that matter if you are looking for accuracy, convenience, and success in all of your projects. The most important things that you must consider are:

Right amount of driving power: When you are buying an electric staple gun, you must know the amount of power the gun will deliver to drive the staples into the desired items. The cordless or battery-powered staple guns might not deliver the exact amount of power as promised or can get limited depending upon the material it is being used upon. Be sure of the type of projects you will be using the electric staple gun for and purchase the one after going through the electric staple gun reviews and understanding if it is matching your expectations or not.

Warranty: This is another important thing to look for when you are purchasing any tool, including an electric staple gun. The best electric staple gun will offer warranty of a long time period, mostly for one year, three years and a lifetime warranty as well. Confirm with the seller about the warranty period and learn every detail about it before purchasing the tool.

Brand: When you buy an electric staple gun, make sure that you buy it from a reputed brand because they will have less chances of causing you disappointment and also have an honest and open approach than other brands. They will be clearer about their products and also provide you with a reliable tool. The reputed brands will also come with a number of electric staple gun reviews that you can go through to understand the users experience with their tools.

Get reliable seller of staples and parts: When you buy an electric staple gun from any supplier, make sure that the seller can provide you with new parts for the damaged parts of the gun and also staples of all the sizes that you need. Most users complain of having bought the staple guns at cheap prices and failed to find suppliers for the fasteners later on.

Stationary or Portable: When you buy an electric staple gun, you must think if you need to carry the staple gun to places or all your tasks are going to be in one place like your office, home or shop. If you do not need to carry your electric staple gun, you do not have to worry about the size or the weight of the tool but if you have to carry it to places, purchase a tool that can be operated on the battery as well. It must be small and light-weight for enhanced convenience in carrying the tool around as and when required.

Anti-jamming: Every individual who uses a staple gun has faced the frustrating experience of staples getting jammed in the tool that can cause damage to the tool and its parts leading to additional loss of time and money. With the innovation in technology, newer models have arrived in the market today that offer electric staple guns with an anti-jamming feature to prevent the staples from getting jammed while you work with it.

Comfort: These tools come in different sizes and the weight can vary from one to another. They also have various features that are there to provide additional comfort to the user. When you purchase the electric staple gun, make sure it is comfortable to use. If you have to use the tool for long hours, consider taking a light-weight tool to prevent fatigue while working. Most of them come with ergonomic designs like soft-handles for better grip and improved comfort.

Best Electric Staple Guns in the Market

Here is a list of electric staple gun reviews for helping you to choose from the best electric guns available in the market today:

1. Maestri ME 3G – Heavy Duty Electric Upholstery Stapler:

This professional electric staple gun provides long-term reliability and great performance. The gun is best suited for upholstery and penetrates easily through most furniture hardwoods. The tool also comes with a unique adjustable air exhaust to direct the air away to any direction as per your preferences. The tool offers the speed and power required for multiple tasks like screen door repairing, crafting picture frames and more.


  • Drives staples into hard upholstery wood easily.
  • Outstanding driving power.
  • Offers the speed and power required for special constructions like vinyl booths, artist canvas and more.
  • Soft grip for comfort and control.
  • Adjustable air exhaust.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • User-friendly and reliable.
  • Great performance in upholstery.


  • The tool is relatively expensive.

2. Fasco 3G Electric Stapler by Maestri 71/C:

The product is made in Italy and works mainly with 71 staples or 7C for a number of tasks. The tool delivers great performance in shooting 3G and 71 crown staples of 3/8” up to 5/8” long. This electric staple gun requires 110 Volts to work and arrives in a hard case.


  • The stapler is portable.
  • It requires 110 Volts power supply to start working.
  • Can shoot 7C, 3G and 3/8” to 5/8” long, crown stables of 71 series easil


  • Great performance in stapling through tough spots.
  • Works best in upholstery and small projects.


  • Might not work efficiently for heavy-duty applications.

3. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple/Brad Nail Gun:

The TRE550Z is designed with innovation and can be used with both hard and soft materials. The flush-nose design of the tool adds to its performance by solving the issue of stapling in tough and tight spots. It also comes with a contoured grip that delivers comfort and extra control over the tool to the user, making his job even easier. On the whole, it is an outstanding tool which strives to provide great power for a variety of jobs.


  • Great driving power.
  • Dual power lever (Hi/Lo) for using it with soft and hard materials.
  • Comes with an 8-feet power cord.
  • Can be paired with Stanley sharpshooter TRA700 Series, ½-, 5/8- and 9/16- brads for best performance.
  • Innovative jam clearing mechanism.
  • High-quality parts and technology used.


  • Light-weight and can withstand heavy-duty applications with ease.
  • Great performance in tight spots also.
  • Easy to load and use.


  • The handle is quite far from the main part of the gun, which can be difficult to use for users with small hands.

4. Arrow Fastener T50AC Professional Electric Staple Gun and Nailer:

The tool has good electric staple gun reviews because of its unique features that help in delivering great performance for stapling and nailing both. The tool comes with an advanced bottom-load magazine, oversized trigger, contact safety, and a soft over-molded grip. It also has an integrated LED light that works as an indicator while stapling at tough spots. The tool delivers great power with every shot.


  • Spiral drive technology delivers consistent driving power with every shot.
  • Works great with T50 staplers of all sizes from ¼-inch to 9/16-inch.
  • Works great with brad nails of 5/8-inch and 9/16-inch.
  • LED light works as indicators for showing staplers when they are low.
  • Quick reloading with easily accessible magazine releas


  • Great stapling and nailing performance.
  • Easy to use and well-designed.
  • User-friendly.


  • Users reported of inconsistency in operations.
  • Staples get jammed frequently.

5. NEU MASTER N6033 Electric Staple Brad Nail Gun Kit:

This electric gun stapler is great for multiple purposes like installing insulation or carpet underlay, securing breather membrane, roofing, and plastic sheeting. This electric staple gun provides safety through a safety switch provided with the gun to prevent accidental firings and its low recoil levels allow smooth and controlled operations. The tool is designed with a soft handle for added control, power adjustable dial and a good grip for preventing fatigue and promoting comfort while using it.


  • Great performance in upholstery and repairs.
  • Soft grip and low recoil levels for easy and controlled operations.
  • Safety-switch to prevent accidental firing.
  • Used for staple T50 from 5/16” to 5/8”, ½-, 5/8- and 9/16-inch brads and TRA700 series staples.
  • Works efficiently with both hard and soft materials because of the stepless driving force adjusting system.


  • Well built and sturdy.
  • Long cord helps in most tasks.
  • Great adjustable power feature.
  • Can nail and staple both.


  • Can feel heavy when used for a long time.

6. Roberts Model 10-600, 120-Volt, 15-Amp, Professional Electric Stapler:

This professional electric staple gun is designed to work best with 3/16-inch crown staples and it can hold a maximum of 85 staples. The 15-Amp drive solenoid of the tool provides reliable and powerful operations. Fast reloading can be done with the quick-release bottom loading magazine system and it also has a 6-3/4-inch low profile head for accessing the tight spots easily. The tool comes in a molded plastic carrying case with compartments for holding an extra box of staples and more.


  • Needs 120 volt power to work.
  • 15-Amp, 1,500-watt drive solenoid provides reliable operation.
  • Holds a maximum of eighty-five of 9/16-inch 20-gauge staples and 3/16-inch crown stap
  • Comes with a 14-gauge, 12-feet power cord.
  • Comfortable, non-slip handle for maximum control.


  • Does heavy-duty jobs easily.
  • Reliable and powerful.
  • Can handle rapid successive firing efficiently.


  • Weighs 7.23pounds which is relatively heavy.
  • The durability is an issue for many users.

7. EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler:

This electric staple gun delivers quick and easy stapling performance for up to 25 sheets of standard 20lb paper. The tool is suitable for heavy-duty applications and is pre-loaded with staples. The easy-to-use tool has great electric staple gun reviews because it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and its no-frills compact design makes it an outstanding tool. It is lightweight and makes your stapling experience enjoyable and comfortable.


  • Uses battery power or the already included AC adapter.
  • Staples up to 25 sheets of standard 20lb paper.
  • Reduced noise level with no loss in power.
  • Life-time replacement warranty.
  • Compact and light-weight.


  • Light-weight weighs only 12.2 ounces.
  • Great performance.
  • User-friendly.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty applications.
  • Durability is an issue for many users.

8. Maestri ME 3G Electric Stapler:

The tool is made in Italy and provides great performance. It works the best in shooting the common 71 or 7C staples for a variety of uses. It can efficiently shoot up to 5/8” long staples. The tool is portable and needs only 110 Volts to work.


  • Great performance and power.
  • Needs 110 Volts to work.
  • Comes in a hard case.
  • Shoots 7C, 71 and 3G staples easily.
  • Shoots crown staples from 3/8” up to 5/8” of length in no time.


  • Solid construction and easy to use.
  • Perfect for upholstering.


  • Heavy when compared to most other electric staple guns.
  • Mainly used for upholstery and not very effective in heavy-duty applications.

Electric Staple Guns Maintenance and Safety

When you start using an electric staple gun, it is important for you to understand about its maintenance as well as safe use. Here are few steps that one can follow:

  • Use it with protection: Use the electric staple gun with protection to avoid fatal accidents or injuries. Use the best protection like impact-resistant eyewear glasses before you start using the staple gun. Wear gloves and full sleeved clothes to prevent debris or small particles from the material that shoot out of the spots from hurting you.
  • Use the staple gun in a dry area: The electric staple guns must always be used in a dry and clean workplace because wet places can increase the chances of causing accidents due to the presence of electricity and metals around you. Make sure the staple gun is also clean and dry before you start using it.
  • Keep the muzzle of the gun pointed away from any person or animal: They are known as guns because of their ability to shoot the staples like a gun. The staple guns use a lot of power to shoot out the staples and fasten the desired items very quickly and effortlessly. If the muzzle of the gun is pointed at anyone, it can cause fatal accidents if the gun gets fired unintentionally.
  • Inspect the staple gun regularly: Every tool works the best when they are checked regularly and maintained from time to time. Even the best electric staple gun needs to be inspected for any damages or signs of damage in any of its parts, which must be repaired before further use. Using a staple gun without getting it repaired can damage the whole staple gun and also cause injuries to the user.
  • Use it strictly for its recommended purposes: Electric staple guns have a lot of power and they must not be used for experimenting with various projects that they are not recommended to be used for. Use the tool only for the tasks that they are intended to do. If you follow the safety instructions and use it as suggested, you will have a successful project in no time.


Once you have learned about the safety and the maintenance tips for making your electric staple gun last longer, you will be able to get the best out of your gun. Rely on the reviews of the top electric staple guns and all the information provided here for purchasing an electric staple gun that will suit you the most.