5 Best Generator For AC with Reviews

Do you live in an area that sees quite high temperatures all the year-round? Well then, it is quite normal that you would have an AC installed in your home. It could be a central AC that keeps the temperature soothing all-around your home or you may have window ACs installed in the bedroom, living room or any other important areas of the house. Whatever it may be, it is natural that living without an AC would be very uncomfortable, even if that be for a few hours. And if it happens that your utility power supply suddenly fails, you will be left sweating in the sweltering summer months.

You can easily imagine what a disaster it will be if you cannot run your AC for hours at end and that too, quite frequently. As such, it is essential that you have a backup source of power so that you can run your AC (central or window) even when the utility power fails. Having a  generator is the best way to do so, but you have to remember that an AC cannot be run on just about any generator that you may come across. The power consumption of an air conditioner is quite higher than many other home appliances, electric and electronic devices, etc. and as such, you will need to have an ac generator that will be able to power your air conditioner. In fact, if you intend to run an AC on your generator, you will have to make sure that the model is capable of supplying enough power to run one.

How Much Power Does Your AC Need?

When you plan to buy a generator that will be able to run your AC when there is a power outage, it is vital that you first find out what size generator to run AC. This will help you determine the load that it will put on your generator. In order to find that out, you will have to take the following factors into consideration:

Starting wattage vs. running wattage: Any air conditioner comes with two different wattage specifications. One is the starting wattage which indicates the power consumption of the AC on startup. This consumption is only for a few seconds during which the motor of the AC starts up. Once the motor has started running, the power consumption drops significantly and comes to a steady level. This is known as the running wattage that indicates the power consumption of the AC while running. There is quite a significant difference between these two wattages and you have to make sure that you do not ignore any of these two figures. It is very important that you choose a generator that will be able to handle both running as well as starting wattages of your AC. This way, you can rest assured that your AC will not overload the generator and there will be no chances of damage or fire.

Window unit vs. Central AC: You obviously understand that a central air conditioning unit will consume much more power than a window AC. Not only that, central AC units have a much larger difference between starting wattage and running wattage, while window units have a comparatively smaller difference. That apart, newer models have lower power consumption while larger and older models consume much more power.

Finding out your power requirements: When the utility power fails, you wouldn’t want to run your AC alone. Running the AC might be important to you, but there are other important units that you would also want running, like your house’s lighting, refrigerator, temperature controls, washing machine, microwaves, etc. As these require power to run and your generator will have to provide the same when there is a power blackout. This means that buying a generator only after considering the power consumption of your AC will be a fool’s work. You will have to add up the power consumed by all appliances or devices that you want to run while there is no utility power supply to determine the power output that you desire from your generator.

Choosing the Best Generator Type for Running an AC

 Both portable and standby generators can be used to run an AC, but that doesn’t mean that you should go about using just any generator model that you may come across or you may already have. Theoretically, a 6,000 BTU AC can run on a power supply of around 500 – 600 watts. But does that mean a portable generator capable of producing just that amount of power can run your AC? Of course, not! While it may require around 500 – 600 to run the AC, the startup will require more power than that. This comes to around 1000 watts. But is that enough?

No. Having a 1000 wattage generator will mean that you will be able run just your air conditioning system with it in case of a power failure, and nothing more! But that’s not what you are looking for. Apart from running your air conditioning, you will have to light up your house, run your washing machine, temperature controllers, sump pumps, microwaves, TV, computer and may be lot more. All these units have their own power consumption levels and that needs to be factored in as well while making the choice of the Best Generator For Ac. The more appliances that you need to run, the more will be the total power consumption.

Moreover, the power consumption mentioned above is for a very small window AC. But if you have a fairly big AC or even a central air conditioning system along with other electric-run appliances, you are going to need a fairly large generator that will be able to power everything without any issue. Not only that, the maximum power output of the generator must be at least 10 – 20% more than your total power consumption to ensure that the unit doesn’t take a toll.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Generator For Ac

Apart from factoring in your power requirements, several other things need to be considered while choosing the Best Generator For Ac. You need to understand that though there may be several generator models that can run your air conditioning system, all may not suit your needs. A generator that may be perfect for one family, may not be suitable for you. That is why, it is important that you consider the following factors before you invest in buying a generator:

Fuel source: The fuel source that you want to use for your generator is an important factor that you will need to consider while buying. Different models run on different fuel sources like propane, gasoline, natural gas, etc. and you have to buy a model that will run on the fuel source that is easily available to you. This will ensure that you do not have face trouble while trying to get fuel to run your generator. If you are looking for better convenience, you can easily go for a generator that has dual fuel sources. Moreover, since you are planning to run your AC on your generator, you will have to ensure that you have enough fuel stored with you to run the generator for several hours or may be days.

Automatic transfer switch: If you are planning to buy a standby generator for powering your house, then you needn’t worry about an automatic transfer switch as all standby units come with one. However, if you are planning on buying a portable generator to fulfill your needs, you will have to buy a transfer switch separately. Though extension cords are generally used to connect your home to your portable generator for power supply, it is best that you go for a transfer switch. There are many benefits of buying a transfer switch, the most important being that you needn’t have to worry about plugging in the generator every time power supply fails. Moreover, if you take into account the fact that you will have to spend quite a few hundred dollars on heavy-duty extension cords, a transfer switch will look like a better option.

Easy connectivity:While making the choice of the Best Generator For Ac, you will have to make sure that you go for a model that your local electrician will be able to set up easily. Unless you live in an area where you have access to a number of expert electricians, it would be wise to buy something that your electrician can handle. Otherwise, you may have to face problems setting it up and connecting it your home electric circuit.

Intelligent operation: Since you are looking for a generator that can run your Ac even when there is no power supply, your home’s air conditioning is obviously a priority to you. And it would be best if it is the same for the generator that you buy. Many latest models come equipped with a technology called the ACCM or the AC Power Control Modules that allows the generator to have priorities. This module continuously monitors the load in the different circuits of your house and it may turn off circuits with less priority if need be without affecting your air conditioning.

Best Generators for AC in the Market

1. Pulsar PG10000B16 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator:

PG10000B16 is a dual fuel AC generator from Pulsar. Its fuel efficiency is exceptional and due to the fact that it can run on propane or gasoline makes it easier for you to use while you need it the most. It is equipped with a 4 stroke, 15 HP, single cylinder, 420cc OHV engine that makes sure you get at least 8000 watt of running power on Gas and 7000 watt on LPG. According the Generator For Ac reviews you can easily run an AC with this generator and still it can offer you a runtime of 12 hours even during the difficult weather conditions. This generator is perfectly portable, comes with durable frame, and maneuvering is quite easy which makes it a really good option for you to choose as a portable AC generator.


  • 8000W of maximum power output for Gas and 7000W for LPG, which is pretty impressive.
  • With an air-cooled, 420cc, OHV engine, this is really unbeatable in its class.
  • 6 gallon of tank capacity is good enough for 12 hours of power supply
  • Seamless fuel switch option is really an added advantage
  • Comes with electric push start which makes it easier to start as and when required
  • 4 AC outlets, 1 RV port, 1 DC output provides you ample opportunity to use as many appliances you want
  • Comes with an option for low-oil indicator and shutdown truly puts this generator on the top of its category
  • Comes with an one year warranty as well


  • Powerful compared to the price
  • Additional RV outlet
  • Effective dual fuel efficiency and switch option while the generator is ON
  • Max output of 8000 / 7000 watt of power depending on the fuel type
  • Powerful 420cc OHV engine
  • 6 gallon of maximum tank capacity
  • Recoil-backup start option


  • Quite noise and shakes a lot while running
  • May not be the best choice compared to other generator brands

2. Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series Portable Generator:

This particular generator from Briggs & Stratton is pretty much affordable but that makes it a bit more low on the power as well. Although it might not be able to power your central AC system but if you have small window AC or may be a small house with a smaller load of central AC unit. With the wheels and handles, it is truly one of the best portable generators that you can get and might be great for camping as well. It’s completely RV-ready and perfectly matched for those RVs that have a window AC. Comes with an LCD screen for power output display and other important stats. Generator For Ac reviews reveal that its parallel ready too, which means you can choose to use another of these generators to have double the power supply.


  • Safe, clean and smooth power to save your sensitive electronics and electrical appliances
  • Automatically adjusts the motor speed for noise reduction upto 59dB
  • Increased and enhanced fuel efficiency
  • LCD display for better control
  • Multiple outlets for different purpose
  • Easy to port
  • Parallel ready for more power
  • Perfect for RVs’ AC power backup


  • Fuel capacity of 1.5 gallon which can ensure at least 10 hours of run time at half load
  • Safe and clean power every time you turn this generator on
  • Warranty for 24 months
  • Weighs only 60 pounds which makes it highly portable
  • RV ready and powerful enough to run window ACs


  • Bit costly if compare other generators in its class
  • Quite loud compared to any other inverter AC generator
  • Oil drainage is not that proper

3. Pulsar PG10000B 10,000W  Portable Dual Fuel Generator:

Even though PG10000B is really high priced, but with an output of 8000 watt of power, it can surely cover all your home appliances requirements with ease. In case you have an AC at your home, you can easily run it for at least 10 hours a day without any problem at all. It comes with a 2 year service warranty that can be really good enough to give you cover for longer period of times. This generator is truly fuel efficient, supports dual fuel and pocket friendly too. So, next time you wish to buy a generator that can run your AC during the power outage, you can certainly trust this generator from Pulsar.


  • It can generate 10000 watt of power on gasoline and on LPG you can get 9000 watt of power
  • Comes with 2 years of service warranty
  • Push button for electric start
  • 420cc OHV engine
  • Can run for straight 12 hours


  • 10000 watt of maximum power output
  • Affordable price
  • Dual fuel support
  • Long duration of power back up
  • Electric start
  • Running Air Conditioners with ease
  • Can power up heavy duty appliances
  • Fuel switch is easy
  • Do not need any expert guidance before you use this generator
  • Amazing control panel for better understanding of the generator
  • Compact and solid design
  • Manual included is really good


  • The noise level is quite high especially if you are using it on full load.
  • Assembly manual is not that good. You might need an expert to help you with the set up
  • Difficult to deal with the unit if you are using propane as fuel

4. Honda EU3000iS Gas Powered Portable Generators:

EU3000iS is one of those generators from Honda that is properly equipped with advanced technology and can operate quietly and efficiently. Apart from using it for home and camping, you can even use it for running your AC as well. According to the Generator For Ac reviews If you have a tank full of gasoline, it can run straight for 7.2-20 hours but it will certainly depend on the load. If you wish to use it with your RVs, it can be really an efficient unit to carry with as well.


  • Good emergency power source for RVs with additional back up for ACs upto 13500 BTU.
  • You can even run fridge, and microwave as well.
  • Generates up to 58 dBa of noise level that is completely negligible
  • It has an option for recoil start.
  • If you use 3.4 gallons of fuel, it can maximum run upto 20 hours.
  • Great fuel efficiency enhanced with the eco-throttle feature
  • Advanced inverter technology makes sure you get reliable and safe power for all your appliances so as to keep them safe from any harm.
  • As per the Generator For Ac reviews You can connect another of these generators in parallel connection to yield more power maximum upto 6000 watt.
  • Comes with a DC outlet of 12 V.
  • Low oil indicator makes sure to shut down the engine whenever the oil level is low
  • Additional protection for your home appliances in case of overload situations


  • Truly portable
  • Compact design
  • Easy to lift and install
  • Noise reduction at its best
  • Comes with an ignition system, choke valve and fuel valve


  • Quite expensive in its class
  • Run-time is not really that long

5. Champion 3500-Watt Portable Generator:

Although this generator being a portable one, might not seem to be a good option for AC generator, but with its 3500 watt of power and other advanced features it can surely stand aside in the list of AC generators. This generator is highly portable, so even if you are moving from one town to another, carrying it with you at your new home is not a trouble either. It comes with a kickstart facility and a wireless connectivity as well. As per the Generator For Ac reviews you can control it remotely from your mobile phone with ease but you will have to be within the 80 feet of the generator. This generator can easily run for 12 hours straight without any issue if you have full capacity fuel in the tank.

Additionally, it comes with a steel frame that gives the generator an opportunity to work in the silent mode. Unlike many generators, this one can only cause a noise level of 68 dBa which is really negligible if you are in a dense residence. Apart from air conditioners, you can easily run sump pumps, televisions, power tools etc while you are having a power outage in your area. Other than an additional RV connection, it has 2 outlets, 120V each. It also has a monitor to let know about the voltage, operating hours, hertz, heating, etc and the low-oil sensor lets you know when you need to refuel the tank or stop the unit. Overall, if you compare this product with other brands in its category, you may not find a better one than this generator for your AC.


  • With a 196cc engine, and battery, you can easily kick start your machine without any problem at all. It comes with a ignition switch that is equipped with Cold Start technology so as to keep the unit going even in the winter season.
  • If you are in the radius of 80 feet from the generator, you can easily control the stop and start button from your smartphone, using the in-built mobile link available with the generator.
  • It has a maximum starting power of 4000 watt and a running wattage of 3500, which is good enough to power your house for at least 12 hours and when you add the fact that it does not create any noise more than 68 dBa, this can truly be one of the best AC generators for you.
  • As per the Generator For Ac reviews given by the users 4 outlets are available. 2 outlets with 120V, 30A power source and 2 outlets with 120V 20A power source.
  • It also includes an in-built power surge protector to help your appliances away from any kind of overload problems.
  • 3 years warranty from the manufacturer


  • Remote control facility for start and stop
  • Water-resistant to some extent
  • Comes with Folding handle
  • Additional RV connections are included
  • Meets the norms of CARB
  • You can run the unit for straight 12 hours without overloading or overheating problems
  • 3 years warranty


  • Changing oil might be a bit difficult due to the position of the dipstick
  • According to some users, the unit is quite noisy


Finding the Best Generator For Ac is important if you want to enjoy the comfort of your house even when the utility power fails. That is why, it is essential that you consider all the factors mentioned above before arriving at a decision. As for the best generator in the market, you can sure go for the products reviewed above as they offer excellent service and are ideal for various types of air conditioners as well.