5 Best Portable Generators With Reviews

Best Portable Generators With Reviews: A portable generator is a blessing in emergency situations when there is a power outage or in remote locations with no power supply. Portable generators can deliver a sufficient amount of power when and wherever needed by the user. They are run by gas-powered engines to provide electricity. It comes with power outlets that allow the user to plug in cords to power the electric-powered appliances and tools. The portable generators come with various powers and depending on the power generation capabilities you can power up different appliances and tools according to your need. The Best portable generators can offer a number of features that can vary from one manufacturer to another. The usual components that come in one unit are a starter, alternator, outlets, fuel tank, and engine.

The best thing about portable generators is that they can be moved from one place to another easily, unlike the standby generators. These Portable generators are comparatively lightweight and offer good enough power supply. Portable generators are safe and can be used outside the household. Before you purchase a portable generator make sure it is durable, reliable and offers all the features that meet your expectations from the Best portable generators. Look into the Portable generator reviews that would help you in choosing the right one for yourself. Through this article, you will learn more about the portable generator and at the end of it; you can short-list and purchase the one that fits your budget and requirements completely.

Best Portable Generators

Why Do You Need a Portable Generator?

Portable generators are powerful, easy to store and transport. They offer a wide range of features that allow using them for a number of situations at home, job sites, campsites, parties, tailgates and more. They deliver you with power when and wherever you need it. Here are the most common uses of a portable generator:

Emergency situations: We are all accustomed to blackouts and the problems that we have to face because of it. There are many places all around the world where load-shedding is more frequent due to natural disasters or other causes that leads to problematic situations. Without power you can’t run any electronic or electrical device and it can leave you with some unfinished work on your laptop, or computers, with some uncooked food in your oven or you can even miss an interesting show on the TV. All of these can be managed with the back-up provided by Portable generators. You can easily power up your electrical devices and also other heavy duty appliances like air conditioner and refrigerators for hours in such situations.

Outdoor parties or get-together: Best portable generators are common amongst all the event coordinators as they make sure to carry one of these while organizing any outdoor parties. If you are a person who likes to organize a lot of parties or events, you can stop worrying about the power supply and prevent all the fun from getting spoiled by owning a portable generator at home. Carry the unit outside and let it bring light to the party with music, lighting and more. You can use a number of portable generators at the event to prevent overload or power surges.

At job sites: Many job sites do not have sufficient electricity supply which can be very inconvenient for the workers at the site. With a portable generator with the required amount of power supply, you can easily work at the job site without any complications. The portable generators that are best suited for heavy-duty appliances are ideal for this purpose as the job sites normally have big electric appliances to power up. With the help of portable generators you can surely meet the power requirements at any job site and can also deliver safe and clean power to all the appliances, efficiently.

Campsites: If you love to travel and enjoy the best of nature for a few days away from the city you can always rely on the portable generators that are easy to carry and take anywhere you want, while they offer all the necessary power supply for all your electronic devices even in the remote areas. Whether you have gone for camping or a tour or trekking, a portable generator with proper efficiency can provide you power back up for your entire tour making it a luxurious and a better one. With the backup power, you will be easily able to power up your laptop, mobile, radio, toaster, and a lot more that you might need while you are on a camping tour. You can choose a silent portable generator to ensure it does not disturb your serenity while running.

Tailgating: Increase the amount of fun and excitement by bringing the portable generators with you to tailgating parties. You can use it for a number of recreational purposes like staying warm with a heater at chilly nights outside or watching a game on the television. You can even cook tasty meals with the power supplied by the portable generators to make your tailgating parties a hit.

Types of Portable Generators

If you go through Portable generator reviews you can easily understand that these generators are very useful in a wide range of situations and they do have a great level of utility and performance irrespective of the requirements. These generators come in a variety of price ranges and wattage. There are also different types of portable generators that you can choose from to meet your requirements.

Inverter generators: These portable generators are basically a replacement with better technology that can be used in camping and traveling to offer a much peaceful and better experience. The inverter generators produce very less noise while it operates greatly to provide the power supply that you need while traveling and at campsites. These generators were pretty expensive initially, but with the increase in popularity and with time, their prices have also dropped, while the performance remained intact. They are appreciated by all tailgaters and travelers.

Emergency generators: The power outages are emergency situations that require a lot of emergency power supply and recreational generators are not a good fit for these situations. The emergency generators are designed to provide enough backup in such situations and come with more run-time in a single tank of fuel. These power generators make it easy for the user to power up appliances like refrigerators, air conditioner, televisions, lights and more. They even come with larger tanks that help them in delivering enough power supply for hours without any complications.

Battery/solar generators: these generators do not just power up your electronic devices and appliances but are designed with the best of the technologies that allows them to collect energy using solar panels and store them in batteries. These alternative power stations are in high demand due to the fact that they produce clean and safe power that does not damage your sensitive electronic devices. Also, these generators do not have any fumes, noise, or gasoline which makes them very safe to use in every area.

Semi-professional generators: These generators are very common amongst the households and constructors who require power back up frequently. These generators come with a lot of durability and high-quality engines that are capable of supplying sufficient power to a house and also at job sites where the frequent power supply is required. These semi-professional generators are heavy duty generators that can efficiently deliver plenty of power to back up all the big appliances at your home and at job site. Even though they are heavy duty generators, it is still better to purchase a professional generator for job sites.

Professional generators: These generators are very common in almost all the places because of the huge number of purposes that they can serve. From tailgating to job sites, they are seen everywhere. They do not come cheap and are designed for heavy-duty applications. They are designed to run for a whole day on a regular basis.

Choosing The Right Portable Generator for Yourself

While selecting the Best portable generators for yourself, it is important to take a few important things into consideration. Depending on your requirements, you can purchase a small, medium, or large generator with more or less power capabilities as per your need. To choose the right portable generator, here are the things that you must look for:

Size of the generator: size of a generator plays an important role especially when you are looking for a portable generator. Unless the size of the generator that you choose is manageable, you are surely going to have a hard time handling it. Make sure to check the portability of the generator before you can choose one.

Wattage of the generator: When you purchase a generator, you must look into the wattage of the generator. Determine the appliances and the devices that you will be running with the power supplied by the generator. When you add up all the wattage requirements for running all of your major appliances, see if the generator you are looking for supplies sufficient wattage of power to back up all those devices.

Lifting eye: this feature is very important for professional generators because contractors who use professional generators often unload and load heavy equipment and tools, the lifting eye of the professional generators help in hoisting and placing your generator safely without requiring you to overexert yourself.

Hour meter: When the portable generator is being used frequently, it requires you to keep a track of the run-time to determine when to change the oil and maintain the generator. Professionals who use the generators regularly needs this feature the most.

GFCI outlet: to meet the OSHA standards on the job site, the Best portable generators come with GFCI protected outlets that are most important for the professional constructors and the people who will be using the generator on the job site. This feature helps in reducing the possibility of electrocution and you might require a GFI transfer switch for connecting to some primary source of power for backup power supply.

Features That the Best Portable Generators Must Have

The best features that you must look for in a portable generator are mentioned below:

Electric start button: This is an innovative feature that is available in the Best portable generators that allow the users to start their generators with a push-button instead of the conventional way of starting it, the pull-starting mechanism which can be a bit annoying sometimes.

Wheels: Most of the portable generators come with wheels attached to them which make it a lot easier to transport them. Without wheels it is not really easy at all to take the portable generators anywhere. This is why you need to purchase wheels for your portable generators in case they do not have them when you buy it.

Alternative fuel: There are alternative fuels that can be used for running portable generators like natural gas and propane gas. There are such models that allow the machine to run on these alternative fuels other than gasoline, which is the most commonly used fuel for generating power.

Fuel gauge: This feature is present in most of the Best portable generators that allow the user to check the fuel level remaining in the tank to give an idea when it needs to be refilled. This feature helps in times when there is an extended power cut and the constant power supply is required.

Low-oil shutoff system: This feature is useful for shutting down the generator after the oil falls lower than a certain level for safety purpose. Nowadays, quite a number of portable generators offer this feature.

Clean power output: The Best portable generators use inverter technology to deliver cleaner and stable power output that is very useful as it keeps the sensitive appliances safe from getting damaged and also supplies clean power to all the devices throughout.

Multiple outlets: Most of the portable generators come with more than two outlets for supplying power to multiple devices. Although, all of the outlets must not be used unless there is an emergency situation or absolutely no primary source of power around you like in outdoor campsites.

Here are the 5 Best Portable Generator Reviews For You

1. Yamaha EF2000iSv2:

Yamaha brings you one of the Best portable generators that will satisfy all the user requirements with its features and performance. The EF2000iSv2 is ideal for powering all your electronic devices for a very long time, while you can carry it with you to several places easily. It is light-weight and efficiently powers up a wide range of electronic devices with its clean and stable power supply, which also prevents the sensitive electronic devices from getting damaged. This portable generator by Yamaha is a class apart from all of its past models; it uses the most advanced technology that results in improved output to give the users a complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Here is more about the features offered by this portable generator:


  • Comes with a USFS-approved spark arrestor and runs quietly at 51.5 dBa to 61 dBa.
  • The oil watch warning system prevents damaging the engine.
  • Damage caused by overloading is prevented with the electrical overload breaker.
  • Maximum AC output of 2000 watt.
  • Run-time of 10.5 hours with a ¼ rated load on a single tank of gas.
  • Improved fuel economy and stale gas issues prevented with gasoline petcock that helps in running the gas dry.
  • OHV engine provides increased durability and improved heat dissipation.
  • Easy to use and start with the auto-decomposition system.


  • Comes with the fuel gauge to indicate the fuel level which is extremely useful.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use.
  • Operates quietly.


  • Oil consumption is a big deal after being used for 8-12 hours straight.
  • Durability is not good enough.

2. Sportsman GEN4000LP:

This portable generator is ideal for powering up the common electrical appliances and the power tools. According to the Portable generator reviews they are best suited for camping and tailgating parties where you can easily carry it to your desired location and have your electronic devices powered up all the time. Experience the best of your camping trips and more with the great performance and power supplied by the 4000-watt portable generator from Sportsman. It has all the features that you can expect from any Best portable generators like it operates quietly and features many other advanced and innovative options for increasing durability of the generator. Here are the features that you will find in this generator:


  • A maximum surge of 4000 watt and continuous power output of 3250 watts.
  • 10 hours of run-time on an LPG fuel at 50% load.
  • Comes with one 12V DC outlet and two 120 Volt AC outlets.
  • Recoil start engine helps in delivering great performance.
  • Clean power supply prevents electronic devices from getting damaged.
  • Operates quietly at less than 68 dBa.


  • Runs smoothly and produces less noise than most expensive generators.
  • The price is very impressive.


  • Battery charging cables are short and thin.
  • Users have reported that it fails to run after it has not been used for a very long time.

3. Generac 5734 GP15000E:

This portable generator will save you from unavoidable power outages with its amazing performance at home in emergency situations. Unlike most other portable generators this generator can supply tons of power that can run heavy appliances like refrigerators, air conditions and a lot more. It delivers a maximum output of 15000 watts and is also great for job sites and any other place that requires a high power supply. This portable generator comes with a number of innovative features that are easily accessible and is designed in a way to improve its durability. This portable generator is sturdy and is bound to satisfy every user. Here are the features offered by Generac 5734 GP15000E:


  • Comes with Generac 992cc OHVI engine that helps in producing sufficient power.
  • 15000 watt of the maximum power supply.
  • Conserves fuel with its low-oil level shutdown system.
  • 10 hours of run-time at 50% loads with 16 gallon fuel tank.
  • Increased durability with hard 1 ¼” steel frame that also provides safety at job sites.
  • Backed with a two-year warranty.


  • Great for powering heavy duty appliances.
  • Can take up a wide range of heavy loads easily.
  • Great run-time.


  • It makes quite a lot of noise while running.

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4. Suaoki Portable 150Wh power station:

This portable generator is designed by experts to provide it’s users with sufficient power for powering a wide range of small and big appliances. It is easy to use and comes with a lift handle that can be hidden as well, which makes it easy to carry around. This power bank is compact and lightweight for making your camping and tailgating experiences better. It is small but is a complete package of incredible and innovative features that will meet the customer satisfaction while offering a great performance throughout. Here are the best features offered by this portable generator:


  • Stylish, compact and lightweight.
  • Supplies 150 watt-hours of power.
  • 4 USB ports for charging electronic devices ensured by fast-charging QC-3.0 technology.
  • Solar generator with built-in MPPT controller.
  • Two flashlights for emergency situations.


  • Useful for camping, road trips and emergency power supply for various electronic devices.
  • Handles on top of it improve portability.


  • The display does not provide detailed information like estimated the remaining battery capacity and more.
  • Does not have a charging regulator to stop charging the generator after fully charged.

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5. Champion 3100-watt RV:

This portable generator is extremely beneficial for power supply at emergency situations. It is also a great travel companion as it is lightweight and operates quietly. It has a reliable run-time and is the best solution for your power requirements. The features offered by this portable generator are exciting and uses advanced technology to bring complete satisfaction to its users. Here are the best features offered by Champion 3100-watt RV for you:


  • Easy control with a quick touch panel.
  • Includes a low-oil shut off sensor.
  • Operates quietly at 58 dBa that is best suited for tailgating and camping.
  • Clean power supply for safe charging of sensitive electronic devices.
  • Two 120 V 20A outlets and one 2V DC outlet.
  • Reduced electrical load with the smart economy mode.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Works great in powering small electronic devices that are useful for camping and tailgating parties.
  • Operates really quietly.


  • Getting more than 2400 watt continuously can be troublesome.
  • Runs out of gas pretty fast.

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How to Keep Your Portable Generator Safe?

It is suggested that you read the instructions and the manual that comes with the portable generators before you go through these safety tips. Read through the warnings and the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the portable generator. Here are some of the safety tips for keeping the generator safe:

Use the portable generators outdoors: These generator exhausts contain carbon monoxide which is odorless and colorless but it is deadly. Do not run the generator indoors to prevent the gas from reaching out to the children and the rest of the people around it. Use a carbon monoxide alarm indoors to keep a check on the gas entering the house.

Placement and operations of the generator: It is very important to place the generator in a safe area, away from the reach of the children. When the generator is operating, make sure that it has five feet clearance on all sides. The generator is suitable for use in almost all weather conditions, but it must be protected from dust, dirt and excessive moisture when not in use. Check the generator regular for damaged parts and get them repaired before further usage.

Prevent electrocution: you must keep in mind that electrical shock hazards and electrocution are common hazards that can occur if not maintained in a safe manner. Do not connect the portable generator directly to the household wirings, that can back-feed on the power lines and injure your family, neighbors, and more people. Prevent from using too many equipments and appliances with the generator and use proper power cords to prevent equipment damages. If the generator is not properly grounded, the risks of electrocution are increased. Make sure that it is properly grounded.

Prevent burns and over-fuelling: Gasoline is the most commonly used fuel for operating the portable generators and it is highly flammable. Be careful while fuelling the tank of the generator, do not over-fuel it and leave some space for the fuel expansion. Do not bring any objects that are on fire, near the generator. Also, avoid coming in contact with a hot generator, which is very common after it has been running for a long time.


With the information provided about the Portable generators here, it will be way easier for you to choose the right one from the list of the Best portable generators today itself. Look into the maintenance and safety tips, with which you can increase the durability of your portable generator as well as enjoy the high-quality performance for a longer time period easily. Read the Portable generator reviews to short-list and choose the right generator for you.