Best RV Generators

Best RV Generators: Are you an avid camper? Do you love tailgating with your friends? Well, you must obviously have your own RV then. A good RV gives you the freedom to travel whenever you have a holiday and spend some good time with your friends and family. A modern-day RV comes equipped with all modern-day luxuries so that you and your friends and family can stay comfortable during your camping or road trips. However, to ensure that all appliances and systems in your RV can run smoothly, you need a continuous power supply which is often improbable while you are on the road or camping in the wilderness. That is why you need an RV generator that you can power up all appliances without any fail.

Why do you Need an RV Generator?

If you have never used an RV generator before, you might be wondering whether you would actually need one on your camping trip or it is just a useless modern trend. Well, to put your concerns to rest, here we will elaborate on how an RV generator is an indispensable part of any trip with your friends or family in a recreational vehicle.

  • If you want to continue enjoying the basic utility appliances such as a toaster, a hairdryer, a microwave oven, etc. while on your trip, you need a power supply. And that comes from an RV generator. You may argue that power supply is available at many RV camping areas, but the truth is that you will rarely get any power supply when you are camping amidst nature or when you are on road. To make sure that life can go on as normal, having a generator in your RV is a must.
  • Moreover, if you are attending an outdoor event, it is quite unlikely that you will have access to the power supply at all times, and sometimes maybe not all. Just so that you do not have to live like people from the 19th century, sans the amenities of the modern age, having a generator is essential. It will power your RV and you and your family can live comfortably while enjoying the event.

In short, you need an RV generator to make your life smooth and convenient even when you are outdoors or in the wilderness.

RV Generator Power Sources

RV generators are quite popular in the present times, but in order to decide on the best RV generators, you must first decide what fuel source would you like the generator to have. Modern generators run on a variety of fuel sources such as diesel, gasoline, propane, etc. for the convenience of the user. However, depending on what fuel you have easily available and would like to use for your generator, the type of the generator must be chosen. Each type has its own positives, which is why it is important that you make a decision after giving it a good thought. Let’s see how each fuel type fares:

Gasoline: It is one of the most common power sources for generators for your RV and is quite budget-friendly as gasoline is available at much less price than most other fuel types.

Propane: What makes propane a great choice of fuel is its seemingly unending shelf-life which means that you can store the fuel for practically as long as you want. Moreover, generators that run on propane are usually a lot quiet than others.

Diesel: If you want a fuel that will be able to run the generator for long, then diesel is the best choice that you have. Diesel offers fuel efficiency like no other. Moreover, models that run on diesel are easy to use and maintain.

Solar: For those of you who are environment conscious, solar energy would be the perfect fuel for your generator. Models powered by solar energy are very quiet with no emissions at all.

A good number of modern, advanced models come with the dual power source feature. This means that the particular model can run on two types of fuels, usually gasoline and propane. This makes these models more favorable for campers and frequent travelers as they can use either of the fuels depending on their availability.

What to Consider Before Making a Purchase?

Buying a generator for your RV is an investment that you would want to get great benefits from. And that would be possible only when you buy a generator that would suit all your requirements in the best possible way. Requirements vary from person to person and that is why the choice of the best RV generators will also vary. What suits your friend’s RV, may not be the ideal pick for you. To find out whether a generator would be good for you or not, consider the following factors:

Generator Type: When you search the market for generators for your RV, you will come across two main generator types – conventional and inverter. Inverter generators fare better than the conventional ones in the fact that they produce clean, stable power which is absolutely essential if you want to use it to power or charge sensitive electronic appliances such as DSLRs, smartphones, etc. However, inverter generators cost more than conventional ones. So, if you do need to power up sensitive devices, go for inverter models, else you may stick the conventional ones.

Power Output: The amount of power that you want the generator to deliver will also determine the best pick for you. To do so, find out the power requirement of all the devices or appliances that you want to run and calculate the total power needed. Go for a model that can produce the same amount of power, preferably a bit more to guarantee that it can handle the surges. To be specific, the more appliances or systems you want to run in your RV, the more powerful should be the generator that you need.

Fuel Type: We have already discussed the fuel options available to you. While making the choice of the best RV generator, be sure that the model you pick runs on fuel(s) that are easily available to you, are cost-effective, and offer the performance that you want. Dual fuel type generators cost a bit more than the single fuel models, but paying for this feature is totally worth it as you will have the option to use any of the fuels depending on availability.

Portability: This is another important factor to consider before deciding on the ideal generator for your RV. RV generators can be both permanent and portable and you have to decide which one would suit you the best. If you want to use the generator solely for your RV, then you can conveniently choose a permanent type mode. However, if you want the generator to double up as your home power backup unit, a portable model would suit you the best.

Fuel Efficiency: Fuel consumption is a deciding factor in the choice of the generator. If you buy a generator that consumes more fuel to produce the same amount of power as that of a generator that uses less fuel, then you will surely be hit by the fuel inefficiency. The better the fuel efficiency, the lesser the fuel required and vice versa. So, it is also wise to buy a fuel-efficient model or you may end up paying more for your fuel. On that note, it must be remembered that open-frame models, in general, consume more fuel than portable models as they use high power output rates consistently.

Noise Level: When you are searching for the best RV generator, make it a point to check the amount of noise that it produces. This is denoted in decibels. The higher the decibel, the more sound will it produce. In fact, in the present times, manufacturers lay more stress on offering models that create 60 dB or less noise. This noise level does not cause distraction and is easily bearable. However, sounds more than 80 dB can cause problems for you as well as your neighboring campers.

Features: Another important point of consideration is the features of the unit that you are planning to buy. The unit must come with simple and easy-to-use features so that you do not have to struggle a lot to operate it. The generator must also have advanced operational and safety features such as the low-oil shutdown, visible fuel gauge, LCD display, wireless remote start, voltmeter, etc. These features will ensure better performance of the generators and at the same time, guarantee a smooth operation on your part.

Price: Factoring in the price of the generator is a must for any purchase. You have to look for a model that not only offers the features and facilities that you need but will fit in your budget as well. As such, your budget is the most important deciding factor in the choice of the best RV generator. If you have a shoe-string budget, you can buy a generator with only the basic amenities. However, if you have a better budget, you can surely go for a model that offers better output, better performance, and better features. However, paying exorbitantly for fancy features isn’t recommended, unless you absolutely need them.

Best RV Generators for a Comfortable Trip

1. WEN 56200i 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator:

52600i from WEN is another portable RV generator that you can certainly choose to buy. This generator has a compact design, easy to store, easy to carry and definitely lightweight. It generates only about 51 dB of sound which is really less compared to other noisy generators. Another important aspect of this generator is that it has the capability to control the fuel consumption depending on the use of the power and the duration for which the unit has been running. So, you do not have to think a lot about the energy wastage irrespective of the device that you wish to use. According to the RV generator reviews the easy to grip handle attached to it, makes it a lot easier to carry around and adds to its portability as well. Using a generator in an RV is always difficult. From installation to having a clean power source, it’s always difficult to find the best generator for RV. But this is where 56200i comes in and provides a clean, efficient and safe power supply that ensures that you do not have to worry about using any electrical device.


  • Not much noise while in operation
  • Generates only 5dBA of noise
  • Fuel efficiency at its best
  • The unit includes carrying handle that’s really easy to grip and makes it easier to transport as well
  • Not much of energy wastage
  • The generated power is clean which means you do not have to worry about your sensitive electronic devices


  • The components used in this generator is not of that great quality which means you might have to change the internal parts very soon

2. Champion 3500-Watt RV-ready Portable Generator:

This RV ready generator from Champion has a capacity of 3500 watts. This unit is completely portable and is cost-effective too. Most importantly, this generator can be used outside of RV as well and in case of long power outages, this unit can surely come handy. This generator comes with 30A output, which is perfect for any RV and is capable of operating an AC in your RV with ease. This generator is designed to start with ease even when it’s really cold outside. This feature is boosted by the electric start option, that’s reliable and works pretty well. This generator also comes with a remote control start option which is controlled by wi-fi. But you have to remember one thing while using this remote control. This remote can only work if you are within 80 feet of the unit. Otherwise, it won’t work. Apart from being portable in nature, this generator is really quite at operation. And you can expect it to last for at least 12 hours if you have a full tank of fuel and you have a 50% consumption of the load. This unit is powered with a volt guard system that ensures the safety of your valuable electronics and electric devices from any type of voltage spikes. If you go through RV generator reviews and compare the transportability and maneuvering capabilities, this generator is way ahead of its competitors. With its folding handle and strong steel frame, this generator can surely be one of the best generators available in the market.


  • Cost-effective and definitely portable
  • Comes with built-in 30A outlet which suits any RV
  • Perfectly designed to travel-ready
  • Easy start technology even if it’s really cold outside
  • Does not harm your electronic appliances
  • Really easy to transport


  • Filling up the gas tank might be a bit difficult than you think it is

3. Westinghouse WGen2000 Portable Generator:

If you are looking for a premium quality portable generator with advanced features, then WGen 2000 from Westinghouse could be the best choice for you. With a wattage capacity of 2000 watt and reasonably affordable price range, you can certainly think of this generator for your newly bought RV. This generator is not only perfect for tailgating or camping but also can be a great option in case you have a power outage in your areas. The construction of this generator is good enough, robust and tough in nature. It comes with a 4 stroke engine as well along with cast iron sleeves which makes it long-lasting and touch. Apart from that this generator works in a silent mode while at work. Overall this generator is fuel-efficient, energy-efficient and cost-effective too which makes it perfect for you to have on your RV. And when you consider its portable and light-weighted design, you can certainly choose this generator over its other competitors.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect as a backup power source, in a camp or for tailgating
  • Robust and tough construction makes it easier to take it to a camp
  • As per the RV generator reviews, it’s really easy to install in an RV
  • Fuel efficiency at its best


  • The paint on the generator might fade a bit quicker than you it should

4. Westinghouse iGen2500 Inverter Generator:

If you are looking for a lightweight, compact design generator that you can use in an RV, then iGen2500 inverter generator can be the best that you can buy. Apart from being a well-designed generator, it’s portable in nature too. When it comes to the safety of your sensitive electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, this generator can surely take care of that. Apart from that another important aspect of buying this generator is fuel efficiency. If you research well and compare the fuel efficiency with other traditional generators, you will see that this generator is at least 30-50% more fuel-efficient. This generator comes with 1 gal. the capacity of the fuel tank and if you are operating at a 25% load, it can maximum run for 10 hours of time. This RV generator is meant to work silently and that makes this generator stand out amongst the lot for sure. Another important feature of this generator is that it comes with an engine that has an adjustable speed. The unit can adjust the speed of the engine and generate only the amount of power that you need.


  • Compact design and light in weight
  • Less noisy
  • Comes with the spark arrestor that ensures safety while using in parks and forests
  • Supplies only the power that you need


  • Accessing the oil reservoir might be a bit difficult than any other generators

5. Champion 3100-watt Portable Inverter Generator:

This inverter generator from Champion with 3100 watts of capacity can be a great addition to your RV. The installation of this unit is super easy. And it works in a silent mode which is really good. With just 58 dB of sound generated while at work, this generator can truly work fine for you as a backup power option, or when you are traveling in an RV. With a capacity of a maximum of 3100 watts of power, this generator is capable of providing power more than you need in an RV. With a running wattage of 2800, this generator can surely provide you with 8 hours of power supply. And when you consider the fact that it includes a quick touch control panel, you can surely put this generator at the top of your buy list for your RV. The unit is designed to be safe and the construction of the unit is sturdy enough. According to RV generator reviews, this generator comes with a low oil level indicator and an auto-shutdown system as well. The unit is sure to provide clean energy which is really good if you are going to power up some of your valuable electronic appliances.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Ready to fit any RV
  • Perfectly noiseless while at operation
  • Good enough to power up all your appliances inside any RV
  • Includes a control panel which makes it easier to control the unit with just quick touches
  • Comes with an additional economy mode which makes it cost-effective and efficient as well


  • Comparatively a bit heavy than other RV ready generators

How to Maintain your RV Generator?

Choosing one of the best RV generators available isn’t enough to guarantee smooth performance and long life. Like any other machine, your RV generator, too, needs proper maintenance. Without that, the generator may become prone to failures and malfunctioning, thus necessitating the purchase of a new one sooner than usual. So, here are a few tips to help keep your generator in good shape and health:

  • The first and most important is storage. Generators must always be stored in a dry place when not being used. This will ensure that its components do not rust. It should also be kept free from mud, grime, dust, and dirt.
  • If you haven’t used your generator for quite a long time, it is best to give your generator a test run at regular intervals, preferably each month. This will ensure that the machine doesn’t develop surge and start-up problems and the parts remain lubricated.
  • The oil in the fuel tank mustn’t also be allowed to sit for much longer as fuels can break down in a month or so and cause the generator parts to gum up.
  • You can also add fuel stabilizers to them before adding them to the generator tank to prevent start-up issues.
  • It is quite natural for the air filter to get clogged with dust and dirt if the generator is used quite often and on dusty roads. Cleaning the filter is vital to preventing airflow restrictions.
  • An important part of maintaining your RV generator is getting it serviced from time to time. You need an expert to do this for you. A quarterly servicing will significantly improve the performance and life of the generator.
  • The batteries also need regular cleaning. You can use a piece of damp cloth to do this. If you find terminal corrosion, you can use a solution of baking soda to remove it.


Having an RV generator can make your trip comfortable and convenient. You can use all basic day-to-day amenities while being connected to the world, even when you are traveling. With so many popular brands offering a number of excellent products, you can easily choose the best one for yourself by reading the RV generator reviews given above. Just make sure that you know exactly what you need from the generator and you are sure to find a model that will suit you the best.

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