Top 10 Modern Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

Having a water element placed outdoors is always a good thing. According to Indian Vaastu Shastra, flowing water in a fountain is a symbol of money, health, and prosperity flowing inside a space. Therefore, you’ll mostly notice a running water element at the entrances and lobbies of big hotels, offices, and even bungalows. Hence, it is always advised to have a water fountain inside or outside your property. It also brings luck and positivity into your house.

Modern Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

Also, a modern outdoor water fountain is a great decor statement for your landscape. It screams luxury. In fact, we’ll give you one more reason to install a fountain. The sound of constantly flowing water is so calming and soothing, that you’d want to sit outdoors next to it! All the ideas we are putting down here are not your usual ones, we have mostly thrown in the unique ones. We can’t wait for you to read them, so, let’s start!

1. Make it rain! – Rain Shower Fountain:

This is one of the most modern outdoor water fountains. It drizzles rain showers constantly, leaving you mesmerized with the soothing sounds of a rainy day. Super relaxing and posh. Such modern garden fountains can suit any type of house aesthetic, be it contemporary or vintage. It is very minimalist and takes the least amount of space.

2. Three-tiered garden water fountain:

Go Classico with this three layered water fountain that will never go out of style. It has a grand dramatic flair to it with water gushing from various levels. We suggest you opt for this one if you have a spacious garden or entryway.

3. Flowerbed Topped Modern Outdoor Fountain:

If you want something unique and over the pool, how about this one? It has a flowerbed on top of it and flowing water beneath it. Very innovative. By the way, it is made out of concrete.

4. Modern Outdoor Fountain made from Bamboo:

Bamboo is a great raw material for fountains. Why? Because there are a million designs you can create with bamboos. There are some crazy bamboo installations out there. So, you can get them custom-made as big or small as per your preference.

5. Rock Fountain Outdoor:

A modern fountain with rocks stacked up looks really nature-inspired. It easily gels up with the surroundings. An earthy element like this is usually sighted in ancient Chinese outdoors. What’s best about this fountain is that it looks naturally rustic.

6. Metal Body Outdoor Fountain:

If you happen to have a pond, hurray! This curved metal fountain will add a pazzaz to your backyard pond. It will also be a great addition to your vacation home or a contemporary bungalow.

7.  Corsini Inspired Outdoor Water Fountain:

A fountain attached to the wall like this is really minimalistic but a show stopper. It will make a luxurious element in your backyard. Layer it horizontally with some planters to add a pop of color and freshness. This water fountain will have a smooth flow coming through it. So, if you do not want the fountain to be too noisy, this one is the perfect one!

8. Buddha Water Fountain:

Incorporate Zen into your backyard by installing a Buddha Water fountain. Who knows, this might even inspire you to start your daily meditation and yoga?

9. Mini Triple-layered outdoor fountain:

If you do not have enough space for a normal-sized fountain, adapt a mini one like this! It’s simple and great for your small space. This one is easier to install as well.

10. Miniature Fairy Garden Water Element:

A little open miniature world like this fairy garden can be a great option as an artistic installation. It will add a little fancy flair to your backyard.

These ideas must have excited you too! Well, then take up this project and make your outdoors more charming with a modern fountain. Plus, it will only fetch you compliments from your visitors. So, be ready to get some!