Redesigning Tips for Kitchen Cabinets with Leather Handles

Do-it-yourself ideas for redesigning kitchen cabinets take so much time and effort, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. With so many creative designs on the web, one can only pick the most appropriate and practical option. Besides, this is for existing cabinets; choosing the pattern that is cost-efficient is a priority. Nobody wants to end up spending more on materials than the cost of a brand-new cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet with Leather Handles

For dull and outdated cabinets, designers typically suggest painting or perhaps stripping them. These old ones are still sturdy and could probably last for a couple of years. On the other hand, changing its hardware to new knobs and leather handles can also be terrific suggestions. There are so many quick and inexpensive tips available. Don’t get rid of those cabinets yet.

Make the necessary preparations

Out with the old and in with the new door, is the fastest way to overhaul the kitchen cabinet. Although, this necessitates a bigger work area that could be messy. To refrain from cleaning up a huge mess after removing everything inside the contents in the cabinet, cover all other areas surrounding the workspace. Even the floors need covers too, especially if the redesigning involves painting.

When removing the door, hinges, screws, and other hardware should be inside a zip lock or concealed bag. Organize them by putting separate zip bags for a particular area to avoid confusion and interchanging the parts during the reinstallation. As for the drawers and shelves, use tape as an indicator for their original placement.

Prep the surface

The most crucial step in refinishing is to prepare the surface so the new finish will stick properly to the surface. Eliminate the old paint or varnish by sanding it. There may be scratches, use wood putty to fill them and wait for it to dry. Changing the knobs to leather handles may leave extra holes or add new ones. Use a wood filler if there are old holes that are no longer needed.

After sanding the boxes and doors, apply a wood conditioner. If the goal is to paint the cabinets, make sure to use a coat of primer. Clean the surface, eliminate the sanding remnants, either with a tack cloth or vacuum.

Pick the appropriate wood stain

When choosing the right paint or wood stain, remember that these two have a variety of composition, oil, and water-based. For durability, most people want oil-based. Applying this type of paint or stain requires a well-ventilated area and mineral spirits for cleaning. On the other hand, water-based is quick to dry, making the waiting time a lot shorter. The fumes it produces smells nicer than the oil-based.

Use a sealer

After applying the finish, it is wise to use a polyurethane sealer as a topcoat. Prominent areas of the cabinet or those frequently used, need a sealer to protect the paint. This step is optional; the owner can decide whether to proceed or skip it.

Reinstalling the hardware

The reinstallation of the leather handles, knobs, and shelving will take some time since the cabinet has to be completely dry. Some owners don’t change their knobs or other small hardware.

The objective is to make your cabinets look like new, replacing the knobs and handles can make a significant difference to the entire appearance. The small pieces of hardware act like accents and upgrade the aesthetics of the fixture.

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