Tips for Fixing Small Lawnmower with Briggs and Stratton Parts

Most households own at least a small lawnmower; a piece of cleaning equipment that can be used throughout the year, except during winter. The grass tends to grow slower than usual. This grass-cutting machine is a worthwhile investment, but one should look after for it to last longer. Parts get damaged or wear out at some point, but that doesn’t mean a total replacement of the new equipment. By learning how to perform simple fixing of its parts, the lawnmower can definitely serve the owner for a long time.

A reliable lawnmower that has Briggs and Stratton parts in it is capable of starting up the engine with ease. However, when issues with fuel starvation or defective spark plug occur, the engine will surely have a hard time starting up, or it won’t work at all. Storing the machine for a long time during winter can cause problems with the carburetor, especially when there’s fuel in the tank. Also, clogging issues in the filters happen in summer. All these concerns don’t mean owners have to buy a totally new replacement for the old unit. There are quick and easy ways to resolve all of these.

Perform an oil check

Before starting the lawnmower, check its oil level. Make sure that it is on a level surface to get accurate measurements. Ideally, the oil level has to be full, but a measurement level falling in between the high and low markers is just fine. Changing oil is a must every two days of run time or as stated on the engine manual.

Starting the machine

Refill it with fresh gas to ensure effective starting. Old gasoline causes issues in the machine. The gas tank should also have enough fuel, and its vent in the tank cap should be free from any blockage. There should be no water lodged under the gas tank too. When the mower runs out of gas during the cutting, it needs priming again. Hence, ensure to press the primer bulb for five times.

Conduct a routine inspection

Moreover, performing regular check-ups on the mower is necessary to determine if every spare like Briggs and Stratton parts in it is loose or needs replacement. Tighten the spark plug because this is one of the causes when the lawnmower has problems with starting up.

Included in the regular inspection of the equipment is cleaning the air filter. Change the paper filter if it’s filthy, or wash and dry it if it’s a foam type. The dead man’s switch should be entirely against the mower handle when turning the engine on. Inspect the cable connecting the switch on the frame to the engine if it has defects or snapped. Carburetor’s screw should be tight enough or properly bolted to the engine.

Remove grass clippings

When it’s difficult to pull the starter cord, look for grass clippings; they may be clogging underneath the deck. These are the usual culprits for jamming the blade. Before eliminating the clippings and move the blade, disengage the spark lead first. There are some newer models of push mowers that use starter motors and batteries. To have a smooth start, the battery voltage must be more than 12 volts.

Like any other equipment, lawnmower requires maintenance. Owners just have to be aware of the basic do’s and don’ts to prevent the engine from failing and last for a while.

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