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Our Topic of Writing Categories:

  • Beauty and Fashion
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  • Hardware and Tools
  • Industrial Products
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting
  • Home Decor
  • Hosting
  • Products
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  • and Many More

If you couldn’t find your niche or if your niche is not mentioned above then please contact us on abc@gmail.com along with your site “URL and Topic” to discuss further.

Our “Write for Us” Guidelines

Our Objective:

Reviewsforest.com is all about product reviews blog which offers all types of reviews and product ratings from A to Z Niches. Our blog shares the best product reviews including buyers guide which helps our site visitors to choose the right product from many. Reviewsforest blog is a reflection of our work, So we write the best and in-depth information to educate readers in the best way.

Length of the Article:

An article should be a minimum of 1000 words. We Prefer Ideally more word length between 1500 to 2500. The article must be original and plagiarism free and should not be published somewhere else.

Choose A Great Title:

The most crucial part is to make sure that your title reflects what your article is about. you have to select an attractive title that must be beneficial for both human and search engine. Can you imagine a post without understanding its title and what it is about? That’s how crucial your post title is.

Topic Approval:

If you would like to write for “Reviewsforest Blog“, then send your topic ideas to reviewsforest6683@gmail.com. We will get back to you if we found your ideas and topics is interesting and Relevant.

Link Policy:

It is okay to add one Dofollow link to your own blog and must be related to your article. We allow to add you only one link and must be pointing to your informational blog, not any commercial Site, Affiliate or any Product as it comes under the paid section.

Promotional or Commerical Stuff:

Don’t mail us in the name of the Guest Post to promote or advertise any products, commercial website, or affiliate sites. As It Comes under the Paid Section.  If you are expecting a Dofollow link to your Commercial, Affiliate, Services or Products based site then please mail us at reviewsforest6683@gmail.com with the subject name “Sponsored Post Advertisement”.

No illegal Stuff:

We do not accept articles such as Casinos, Alcohol, Gambling, Poker and the article that are harmful to our readers.


We do not accept articles that are copied and previously posted somewhere else. Your content should not violate any copyright infringement laws or intellectual property.

We Reserve the Right to:

We have the rights to edit your content and add our internal link and affiliate link. We may Adjust article titles where it is required, in order to optimize reader engagement and SEO.

How to Submit a Guest Post 

First, send your topic ideas at reviewsforest6683@gmail.com along with the site URL that you want to link. We will get back to you if your topic is interesting and relevant. So Feel free to send an mail with some ideas before submitting an article directly.

We accept articles only in “Microsoft Word Document”. So once we accept your blog topic then send it in Microsoft Word Document.

Mail us at reviewsforest6683@gmail.com with the

  • Subject (Guest Post or Advertising)
  • Topics Ideas
  • and Website that you want to link

We will get back to you if you followed our guidelines.